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A Passion for Helping Others

As a successful chiropractor for over 28 years, Dr. Todd Hedlund, has long been a champion of chiropractic care as a means of improving people’s health and lifestyles. As a businessman, Dr. Hedlund also knows that serving patients and making money can and do go hand in hand. He believed that regular chiropractic adjustments can be beneficial to people in a preventative manner and the best way to do this is to make those adjustments more affordable – all while ensuring that the doctors and staff were adequately compensated.

Patient-Centric & Doctor-Centric Wellness

In the past, pricing and chiropractic care plans were determined by a patient’s insurance company. However, this was not in patients’ best interest as they were unlikely to receive the full care they needed at an affordable price.

NuSpine realized that these dynamics made cash – based chiropractic clinics more attractive. NuSpine created the NuSpine business model as a means of providing patients with the full care plans they needed and de served, at a cost they could afford, while allowing doctors to do what they do best: Serve every patient while still maintaining a solid profit margin.


Quality Care is a Profitable Solution

After proving the success of corporate owned units, NuSpine laun ched their franchise which continues to grow. NuSpine believes that chiropractors should win in their careers, but not at the expense of patients’ bank accounts. In the NuSpine model, doctors get to treat patients and earn a living without compromising the ir values, and patients get the care they need without limitations set outside the doctor – patient relationship.

Today, NuSpine’s cutting edge business model has created a mutually beneficial relationship between patients and doctors in which everyone “wins.” This dynamic has to the explosive growth of the NuSpine franchise system.

The Franchise Industry

The franchising industry is one of the fastest – growing industries across all business sectors.

Why is franchising growing so rapidly? Because franchising works. Franchising allows aspiring business owners to pursue their dreams in an industry they love while el iminating much of the risk and guesswork that usually accompany a new business startup. A franchise provides a proven system – a business model forged from trial and error.

Today, franchising is a major force in almost every industry imaginable, accounting for a disproportionate share of service – related sales throughout the U.S.



With a projected growth rate of 5.9%, the franchising business sector is expected to outpace the U.S. economy's growth rate in coming years

Franchising employment and output forecasts project that nominal GDP for the franchise sector will increase to $521 billion in coming years.


Franchises Still In Business

After 5 years, 95% of franchises are still in business

“The doctor is very specific with his adjustments and has helped me tremendously with my overall health. I love the concept behind Nuspine, making chiropractic affordable for everyone! Thank you Dr. Hedlund and team for keeping me in line!”

Haley A.

The Chiropractic Industry

The chiropractic industry is one of the most stable and fastest – growing economic sectors in the United States and worldwide . As more people realize the importance of quality preventative care and education, the demand for our services continues to grow!

The U.S. chiropractic market is currently valued at $1.5 billion.

Americans spent $90 billion on treatments related to back pain in the last year.

62 million Americans saw a chiropractor in the last 5 years; 35.5 million Americans visited a chiropractor in the last 12 months.

The Market Is Prime

Currently, the market is prime for consolidation as most of the chiropractic market is fragmented and few national chiropractic brands exist in the United States.

“The staff is wonderful! My husband enjoys going to NuSpine and he normally hates any kind of medical visits! His back feels so much better and the staff is great about explaining what is going on to both of us. My husband even asked about regular visits! Plus, there is no insurance hassle and the price is extremely affordable!”

Elizabeth A.

Initial Benefits

The initial benefits of joining the NuSpine Chiropractic Franchise include comprehensive initial training, complete documentation suite, and a comprehensive real estate process among others.


Every franchisee receives the NuSpine Chiropractic franchise hands – on, start – up training in Nebraska. There, your training will cover every aspect of the NuSpine Chiropractic franchising system. Our expert management will show you how to effectively market your business, coordinate scheduling , manage the administrative and financial aspects of your business, and oversee your staff. You will also learn everything there is to know about our services, including ordering, setup, and installation of your equipment to further solidify the training experience. The NuSpine Chiropractic founders as well as other key employees who actively work in our system will train your management team.


As a franchisee, you will receive the most comprehensive, plain – spoken and easy – to – understand documentation in the industry. Each piece of documentation works in tandem with one another to provide a comprehensive, sequential explanation of the steps invo lved in owning and operating a NuSpine Chiropractic franchise. Our complete documentation and guidelines suite includes:

  • Jumpstart Guidelines
  • Operations Documentation
  • Grand Opening Guide
  • Marketing Guidelines
  • Social Media Framework


Selecting the right location is key for a NuSpine Chiropractic franchise. Our real estate process and partners will assist you in finding a location that is ideal for your business as well as assist in landlord negotiations and real estate development.

Addionally, you will receive:

  • Name, Trademark, and Logo
  • Quality Controls
  • Exclusive Territories
  • IT Setup Assistance

Ongoing Benefits

For ongoing royalties, you’ll also receive cutting-edge services, research, and development; inclusion on our industry-leading website; continuing training, mentoring, and advise; and so much more!


As part of the NuSpine Chiropractic Family, you’ll have access to the latest in our innovative services and practices, all backed by the most current scientific research.


When you become a franchisee, one of the many benefits is having your franchise included on our professionally designed, high – traffic website. We have invested a tremendous amount of capital and resources to create a website that defines our place in the industry. Your franchise will be prominently displayed on the NuSpine Chiropractic website so you can begin building your business quickly and with instant brand name recognition.


Even after thorough professional training, the first year of your new business will raise many questions. Trust us―we know. As a NuSpine Chiropractic franchise , your training doesn’t stop when you leave Nebraska. The NuSpine Chiropractic management is available to assist you in reviewing franchise processes, providing advice regarding business growth, and assisting in effective marketing techniques. Our expert management team will guide and tweak each franchisee’s operations to help you build a stellar business and to conceive and achieve your business, personal, and community goals.

You’ll also receive…

  • Ongoing Marketing Assistance
  • Insight into New Marketing Techniques and Trends
  • Expert Support Hotline
  • Key Vendor Relations, Preferred Savings, and Ongoing Vendor Support
“What a breath of fresh air this clinic has been. Finally, my family and I can afford quality chiropractic care on a regular basis. Dr. Todd has helped myself, my wife, and my 9 – year – old son with anything from back issues to allergies to a rare neurological issue. More importantly, the staff have always treated us with the utmost respect. We have recommended several of our friends and family members. And we will continue to do so.”

Jake K.

Ad Fund

As a NuSpine Chiropractic Franchisee, You’ll Always Have a Strong Support System:

Providing first-class chiropractic services is foundational for NuSpine Chiropractic’s success as a franchise, but effective advertising is also a critical piece of our ongoing success story. What good would it be to create a powerhouse franchise and then not tell anyone about it? By participating in the NuSpine Chiropractic advertising fund, which encompasses CRM, social management, marketing materials design, and digital marketing campaigns, you will be positioned to aggressively attract new clients to your franchise.

Regional & National Branding:

As NuSpine Chiropractic continues its national expansion, our franchisees enjoy a collective recognition that significantly impacts their individual marketing efforts. Our pervasive web presence, as well as our growing reputation, gives all our franchisees an immediate presence in their territory.

Marketing Guidance:

NuSpine Chiropractic management and support staff will guide you in creating a marketing plan, beginning with initial launch and grand opening through regional events, seasonal marketing opportunities, corporate programs, and systems designed to market your franchise to new potential clients. You will learn the intricacies of local community grassroots programs as well as mass media marketing.

Brand Training:

Because of our experience branding the NuSpine Chiropractic name over the last several years, our franchisees will learn more than just “quick hit” marketing techniques. You’ll take part in NuSpine Chiropractic’s long – term branding strategies designed to maximize your marketing effort over the life of your business.

Social Media Marketing:

Converting new patients to fanatics is our highest priority at NuSpine Chiropractic . We are extremely dedicated to broadcasting the NuSpine Chiropractic message using all techniques available, including a dynamic website and extensive use of social media, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube.
“Amazing adjustment and hydrotherapy bed, the doctor did adjustments on parts of my body that no other chiropractic place has ever done. Definitely recommend!”

Jessica G.

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NuSpine Chiropractic is looking to partner with entrepreneurs interested in providing their community with quality, convenient and affordable care that is both patient-centric and doctor-centric. If you’re interested in learning more about how you can open a NuSpine Chiropractic franchise in your area, please fill out this short contact form and someone will get in touch with you shortly.

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